Young Art Addicts
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Young Art Addicts is a group of savvy young people who are interested in contemporary art. 

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Young Art Addicts offers young people the opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding and interest in art. They meet and share ideas around contemporary art and we introduce them to the different components which make up the world of art through a series of inspiring, innovative and most importantly fun events.

Events are mainly based in Belgium and are open to everyone who is curious and wants to discover the world of contemporary art.

Founded in 2017 by Florence Derck, she seeks to share her passion and enthusiasm around contemporary art. Through her career at auction house Christie`s in the culture capital London and now at Gladstone Gallery Brussels, Florence understands the importance and curiosity art can offer to people.

Her aim with YAA is to make art more accessible and open doors for the YOUNG generation to the sometimes closed world of art through a series of dynamic and social events.